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The greatest leaders are the greatest servants~SMS

Here are a few of my Favorite Quotes



Forgiveness liberates you. So forgive others, even if they are too ashamed to ask for it. It was never between you and them, anyway. At the end of the day, it is between you and God.~SMS
" Your desire to be great should start with being grateful."
You do not have to speak everything that is on your mind.~SMS
Just because you've done things a certain way for a long time, doesn't make it right.Change may be difficult, but can be very productive. ~SMS
Always strive to treat others with respect and kindness, because people (Especially children) never forget how you've treated them, even if they never confront you. ~SMS
Giving without expecting anything in return speaks volumes about your character.~SMS
Love with all your heart and you will have no regrets when your bricks run out of the road.~SMS
Honesty may not  always produce popularity, but in the end, it will always yield respect.~SMS
Divine reciprocity will always find you, even if it visits your door years later.~SMS
All of the knowledge is not in one head. You can not be an expert in every field, so always allow yourself to learn from others.~SMS
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